Alan Coopersmith wrote:
> LingBo Tang wrote:
>> I mean I think there is no need for 'command line login' option after
>> virtual console implementation.
> There might be an option in the GUI, but it should just activate a
> virtual console switch with instructions on how to return.

Do you mean this option maybe available for gdm? BTW, are you going to
make gdm as the default one after virtual console available?

Furthermore, I think it's a little implicit to return a virtual console
from 'command line login' rather than with 'Alt+Ctrl+F#' keys.
For instance, if there are more than one consoles opening, who knows 
which one is the user's target?

I think it's much explicit if there is no such option, and user may
switch to any console with 'Alt+Ctrl+F#' keys in X. (At least, I was
used to this way on Linux.)

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