LingBo Tang wrote:
> Riny Qian wrote:
>>> Furthermore, I think it's a little implicit to return a virtual console
>>> from 'command line login' rather than with 'Alt+Ctrl+F#' keys.
>>> For instance, if there are more than one consoles opening, who knows 
>>> which one is the user's target?
>> Previous active virtual console or the system hard console before X
>> starts up, if this option is really needed.
> Can the 'system hard console' be configured by user?

The "system hard console" will be /dev/console (vt number is 0), and
virtual consoles will be /dev/vt# (vt number is from 1 to MAX VT

During X startup, it will remember the last active console, then
query an available virtual console for itself, and activate it.

During X shutdown, it will re-activate the last active console.

> If so, after disable console login on system hard console like:
> svcadm disable console-login:xxx,
> what will happen when we choose 'command line login'? Or this option
> will be disabled at that time?

And it will be just like what we have today without virtual console.
You will no ttymon on /dev/console or virtual console.
But why do you do this?

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