also sprach Juliano F. Ravasi <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> [2008.08.27.0302 +0100]:
> So, you are calling the repository a filesystem, this led me to
> misunderstand you. For me, a filesystem is contained in a hard disk
> partition, mounted somewhere in my directory tree.

No, I meant what I said: fsvs is presumably a fuse-filesystem and
mounted under ~. It being a Subversion-backed filesystem, there has
to be some repository behind it all. This can either be local, in
which case you cannot really synchronise between two machines
independently (unless you treat one machine as a central node), or
you won't be able to use (commit to) the filesystem when offline.

Am I misunderstanding fsvs?

> You can work offline with Subversion, no problem here. It doesn't
> inhibit you from doing your work, but you will have to refrain
> from committing until you have your connection back. Your
> statement in the other message made it seem like you are
> completely hindered if you are offline.

Well, if I am making changes to the filesystem, I want to have them
committed. From what you suggest, it seems as if fsvs requires some
external command to be run to actually make commits, in which case
you'll end up with gigantic, unrelated commits after working on your
files on e.g. a transglobal (= long) flight.

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