also sprach Juliano F. Ravasi <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> [2008.08.27.1958 +0100]:
> > If you emptied your inbox, why keep it around? I expect the tools
> > I use to recreate empty directories aqs needed.
> Yes, but some programs don't expect their directories to disappear.

Then I think those programmes are buggy. Empty directories have no
meaning, I think.

> See? Just a single-pixel change of an image, together with
> a rename from draft.png to final.png broke the history, because
> Git doesn't record this information.

Sure, it's ugly, but if you edit and rename in two separate commits,
it works fine. So it is possible and should be fixed.

In any case, I usually put renames into their own commits, so that's
why I have not been bitten by this yet.

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