Hi all,

Sorry I am bit late with my answer. Few notes from me (as beginner):

1. I understand git and svn have advantages and negatives (I do not 
understand everything that was said)

2. I understand 'offline commits' are good feature. Instead commit 
everything at once (when I become online), it is better to do few small 
commits (each commit with it own commit message).

Looks like git have this feature 'build in'. I think (I am begineer with 
both linux and fsvs) it could be easy to 'get status' and 'copy all 
changed files' to separate temp directory. Once you become online, you 
could easy do commit all temp directories. (Of course, if there are big 
files, these temp directories will require some space).

I understand it is kind of work around.

3. No one talk about 'versioning meta data' like mode, group, owner, 
last modified time. This feature is build in fsvs.


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