For the gory details, see

but my request boils down to this:

I'm using `vcsh` to VC files in $HOME (et al), but

1. I want to leverage the goodness of `vcsh`/`mr` and have repos for bash, 
emacs, ssh, etc

2. I also want to have remote repos (for now, privates on Bitbucket)

3. I also want my remotes to have READMEs.

4. I'm trying to standardize my READMEs on reST (which is advantageous for some 
scientific projects on which I'm *really* working)

So I'd like to know, how to create a README.rst in a "fake" but committable 
vcsh repo, rather than in $HOME ? Note I'd bail to Bitbucket's web UI to create 
my READMEs, but their web editor will only take Markdown, so I'd very much 
prefer to create a ./README.rst for my project ... just not in $HOME.

TIA, Tom Roche <>
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