On Thu, 2008-04-03 at 13:06 +0200, Teemu Ikonen wrote:
> I fixed some bugs yesterday after not looking at the code for a while,
> so I probably introduced more bugs than I fixed. I don't have access
> to the code ATM, but I'll have a look at it in the evening. If there's
> interest I'll also publish the git repo for this somewhere.
> And, if you have a publicly accessible repository I could test the
> code against, that would be great. Making artificial test cases for
> this is both tedious, and apparently does not catch all mistakes.

Oh, this was the simplest artificial test case that I could think
of. "upstream" is a file with the numbers 1 to 30, one per line.
Patch 1 adds 1.5 and 15.5, patch 2 add 29.5 and 14.5, so each
there are two hunks that conflict and two that don't.



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