On Thu April 3 2008 3:58:47 am Teemu Ikonen wrote:

> When maintaining packages with a version control system, having each
> "feature" in a separate branch (branched from the upstream version) is
> clearly superior to a stack of patches. You retain separate history
> for every branch and can easily develop features independently,
> without having to worry about conflicts.
> When making a release, all the feature branches are merged to an
> integration branch. The end product of the packaging should be this
> well-integrated source, but it would be nice to also have the separate

My question here is: how do you keep the feature branches up-to-date with 
upstream?  Are you rebasing or merging?

I have a couple of simple scripts that will do a git merge in each feature 
branch, and then another one that will merge each feature branch to master.  
This has been working well for me.

The problem with rebasing, of course, is that it makes it difficult for 
others to work on the project with you.

-- John

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