Teemu Ikonen wrote:
>       Update the current topic branch wrt. changes in the branches
>       it depends on and remote branches.
>       This is performed in two phases - first,
>       changes within the dependencies are merged to the base,
>       then the base is merged into the topic branch.
>       The output will guide you in case of conflicts.

Thank you for spotting this, I had missed that.

> This would indicate that bases are managed by merging (which naturally
> can be a fast-forward merge) and not rebasing or otherwise rewriting
> history. The same applies for topic branches, which are merged to the
> latest base (and not rebased).

I wasn't thinking of rebasing or any other kind of rewriting history.
But indeed, the way topgit does thing is cleaner that what I thought.

> I haven't checked the implementation though, so there might be
> something more complicated going on behind the scene.

I understand better your original algorithm, now. And indeed, it seems a
good idea.


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