also sprach Manoj Srivastava <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> [2008.09.30.2131 +0200]:
>         At this point, pre-topgit, that is what my tags do:
>  I tag the ./debian/ branch and the integration branch. Checking out the
>  tag on the integration branch, and installing the submodules, are all
>  you need to do. The single tag checkout reproduces exactly the state of
>  the tree that was used to build the package.

git-submodules simply track refs of, uh, submodules, in the index.

>         With topgit, this gets messy, since not just the integration
>  branch tip needs to be tracked, we need every topgit branch base and
>  tip to regenerate the patch series. me no likum.

Well, with-git-submodules, you need to create a new commit on the
integration or master branch *every* time you change any submodule
so that it points to the latest head of the submodule. That's hardly

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