also sprach Manoj Srivastava <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> [2008.09.30.2131 +0200]:
>         At this point, pre-topgit, that is what my tags do:
>  I tag the ./debian/ branch and the integration branch. Checking out the
>  tag on the integration branch, and installing the submodules, are all
>  you need to do. The single tag checkout reproduces exactly the state of
>  the tree that was used to build the package.

Not all patches are suitable to be stored as submodules. So you have
to merge anyway. topgit can automate the merging for you, it can
manage your integration branch.

The only difference between your workflow and the one I use for
topgit right now is that I take the extra step to export the quilt
series from the integration branch (which I call stage-x.y-z and
it's temporary as I see no need to keep it around (yet)) and store
it in the build branch, which I then tag.

You could just create a tg branch depending on master (which depends
on upstream) and all topic branches (which each depend on master or
upstream, depending on whether they are debian-specific or
for-upstream) and then tg-update on that branch would "integrate"
all your features and you'd have an up-to-date integration branch to

I could see using a persistent stage branch for this from which
I export the quilt series. That would unify the two workflows up
until the last step.

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