Sam Liddicott said on Wed, Nov 19, 2008 at 02:45:13PM -0000:

> Yes that is interesting, I think there could be a lot of overlap.

I also thought so ;-)

> Maybe the package maintainer could have their own git branch with the
> distro's extra patches in it.

Indeed. The way I use it myself is with SVN (because I never passed the
required time to lean git well enough). 

I have one repository for the project (or it could be just a URL
pointing to the tar.gz file) on one side, and another SVN repository for
hosting all the conf files needed by pb
( in my case).

> I like your use of qemu to build in.

So do I ;-) Will also support soon mock/pbuilder for others who want
more a chroot type of approach.

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