also sprach Sam Liddicott <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> [2008.11.19.1533 +0100]:
> err.... how shall I post it for comment?

As I said in the other mail, ikiwiki does not really do attachments
yet, I think. If someone wanted to work out how to do that, let me
know your username and I can add you.

Other than that, we have plenty of space for Git repositories under
ssh://, if you wanted one there, I also
simply need your username.

I could also create SVN repos, or hg, or bzr, on request, if you
don't want to use Git.

Yes, this is *, but vcs-pkg is intended to be
cross-distro. It's just convenient to be able to use Debian's
infrastructure at this stage. If someone wanted to pull up
independent infrastructure, I can create a new KVM instance and give
you root access to do that.

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