* Bruno Cornec wrote, On 19/11/08 14:37:
> Sam Liddicott said on Wed, Nov 19, 2008 at 02:33:09PM -0000:
>> I'm lately playing with building rpm's from GIT and SVN repositories.
> You may find what I'm doing around project-builder interesting then. I'd
> be happy to receive feedbacks ... and contributions ;-)
> Cf: http://trac.project-builder.org
> Presentation at
> http://trac.project-builder.org/browser/devel/pb-doc/pb-presentation.odp
Yes that is interesting, I think there could be a lot of overlap.

I'm trying to do a next-generation "make dist" so that a more
accountable package source can be generated.

Maybe the package maintainer could have their own git branch with the
distro's extra patches in it.

I like your use of qemu to build in.

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