gear [1] is a set of tools developed in course of Sisyphus project,
grouped around the idea of storing source code for packages in the git
repository with flexible structure.

Unfortunately there is no introductory information in English, but there
are extensive manpages [2] and Russian quickstart shall be useful [3].

Main tool:

 gear(1) - builds the source package from the git repository according
   to the instructions in .gear/rules file. Rule file lets maintainer to
   choose nearly any repository layout: gear will collect the necessary
   information, create patches, tarballs etc according to the rule
   file. Format of file is described in gear-rules(5) manpage.

Importing the SRPMs:

 gear-srpmimport(1) - imports src.rpm to the repository and generates
   .gear/rules from it's contents. Can be used several times.

Working with the source code:

 gear-update(1) - updates the part of repository with new upstream

 gear-create-tag(1) - generates the signed tag named after release.

 gear-merge(1) - merges the several branches in git repository according
   to rules in .gear/merge. This is handy for resolving conflicts in
   topic branches while preparing the package for new upstream
   version. The rules syntax is described in gear-merge-rules(5)


 gear-changelog(1) - generates .spec changelog entries from the git
   logs. .gear/changelog file is used to customize the changelog format.

 gear-commit(1) - commits the changes to repository using the .spec

Building the packages:

 gear-rpm(1), gear-hsh(1), gear-hsh-build(1) - extract and build the
   package. When gear is used together with hasher [4], then the process
   of building package becomes safe for the builder - all the operations
   are performed in chroot, uncluding running `rpmbuild -bs` for creating
   the src.rpm.

 gear-remote-* - analogous to previous tools, but using SSH to copy the
   source code to remote host and build there.

Additional tools:

 gear-buildreq(1) - runs buildreq(1) on the repository. buildreq is
   another tool developed in Sisyphus, collecting the build requirements
   for the package. It can be found in [5]

 gear-update-tag(1) - stores the current tags positions in the git tree
   (.git/tags). This is necessary if your .gear/rules contains tags to
   achieve repeatability of buids.

[1] http://en.altlinux.org/Gear
[2] http://docs.altlinux.org/manpages/gear.html
[4] http://en.altlinux.org/Hasher
[5] http://git.altlinux.org/people/ldv/packages/?p=rpm-utils.git


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