also sprach Frédéric Brière <> [2009.05.05.2118 +0200]:
> Maybe it's just me, but I can't see the point in having a dedicated
> long-lived[2] build branch separate from master anymore.

The point for me is inherent in #500656: to be able to obtain the
source tree for a package in history, which TopGit cannot yet do.

You say that you are exporting all patches to master. If you commit
them there, then indeed there seems to be little point in having
a build branch, but…

> The only thing I can think of is that after running
> tg-cleanexport,
[and commit]
> all debian/* topic branches (which are based on master) will
> automatically be marked as requiring an update.

… the thought of having debian/patches/* with a given patch foo
inside the topic branch that creates foo just seems sort of, uh,
cyclical to me, even though (Top)Git won't care as long as you don't
modify the patch inside the topic branch.

Go see how things pan out for you.

I still think the proper solution is the one discussed in #500656,
specifically to implement refs/top-tags, which holds */base and
*/tip tags for each tg-tag. I don't actually think this is very hard
to implement, but I've not been able to make time for it. If you
want to have a shot, count me in on supporting you and helping out
with explanations of TopGit internals, feedback, and ideas (if you
want them).

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