James Vega <james...@debian.org> wrote:
> From my perspective, it's still worthwhile.  The build branch is where
> integration of all changes to the upstream package happens.  This
> includes pulling in the packaging changes (aka, debian/) which happens
> on the master branch.

Ah, I see.  Basically, your build branch is not TopGit-specific, but is
an integral part of your workflow.  In that case, it certainly makes
sense to export your patches there.  But am I right in assuming that you
would still maintain a build branch even if you were not using TopGit?

To answer my own question, I would say that the issue of a build branch
is somewhat TopGit-agnostic: if you already have one, use it; otherwise,
there's not much of a point in creating one just to hold the patches.

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