also sprach Frédéric Brière <> [2009.05.06.1940 +0200]:
> Ah, I see.  Basically, your build branch is not TopGit-specific, but is
> an integral part of your workflow.  In that case, it certainly makes
> sense to export your patches there.  But am I right in assuming that you
> would still maintain a build branch even if you were not using TopGit?

I used to, but I don't think there's a point anymore. I don't see
any difference between treating the debian branch as a topic branch
and merging it into build last, or just doing all of debian/* on
master and merging upstream and topic branches into it. With mdadm,
which is a thorough mess right now (since I am the only one tracking
that repo I can afford to go wild), I am building maint/lenny and
debian/experimental directly, while master still gets merged into
build. I don't see a reason for that anymore.

Now, with TopGit, and specifically the need to recreate ancient
packages, well, see your other post... with TopGit right now, the
build branch makes sense.

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