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> also sprach Manoj Srivastava <sriva...@acm.org> [2009.05.10.0028 +0200]:
>> > Keep in mind that the branches accumulate remotely, so you'd have to
>> > pass -r or -a to git-branch to be exposed to them.
>>         Accumulate?
> [...]
>> > Anyway, unfortunately, published branches cannot be renamed with
>> > Git, or retired, or anything of that sort, so the concern is valid:
>>         Why not?
> Because they might exist in downstream repos and could be pushed
> back at any time. However, contrary to my initial believe, this
> requires explicit pushing with standard Git. TopGit currently,
> however, overrides the default push refspec and effectively defaults
> git-push to --all.

        Ah. I coordinate with any repo which can push to my master repo
 (actually, I control them), and so this push-back is prohibited by my
 repo policy.

        Removing branches is a significant event, so it is
 coordinated. Before push, one does a fetch, and does the rename/deletes
 shown below.

>>  git checkout     topic--obsolete-later
>>  git checkout -b  old-obsolete-now
>>  git push --all
>>  git branch -d topic--obsolete-later
>>  git push origin :topic--obsolete-later
>>  git remote prune origin
> Right, until I push back topic--obsolete-later, which I had
> previously checked out.

        And get your commit rights removed.

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