also sprach Stefano Zacchiroli <> [2009.05.07.1902 +0200]:
> When I, as a newcomer of a given repo, do "git tag" I know I'm
> looking at a lot of "not current" information. On the contrary,
> when I do "git branch" I start trying figure out what each branch
> means. Having around a lot of no longer used branches is very
> annoying in that respect.

Keep in mind that the branches accumulate remotely, so you'd have to
pass -r or -a to git-branch to be exposed to them.

Obviously, any curious newcomer will do that, but then, a sane
convention like Manoj hinted at will help, because you'd have to be
amazingly curious to realy wonder about branches in the obsolete/*

Anyway, unfortunately, published branches cannot be renamed with
Git, or retired, or anything of that sort, so the concern is valid:
you'd have to start a new feature branch as obsolete/new-feature to
be able to declare it obsolete later on, at which point we might
just as well not use the namespace. :)

I see two required steps to solve this:

a. teach TopGit how to retire branches, as per debbug#505303

b. teach Git how to retire/rename published branches

I'll think about (b) for a bit and see if this wouldn't make sense
to be raised with the Git people. Comments welcome, of course.

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