On Sun, Mar 28 2010, Enrico Weigelt wrote:

> Petr Baudis wrote:
>> But if you need to fix up an already committed commit, you either make
>> a new commit, which will break (ii), or you rebase, which will break
>> anyone else working on a clone of your repository and break (i).
> Yes, but is it so bad ?


> Usually, you have only one person or very few ones working very
> closely together per package. So that shouldnt hurt so much that
> it's worth all the complexity.

        False assumption: it might be the case for you that you work in
 a small team, and know all people who base their work on yours, and
 perhaps you package for a leaf distribution.

        None of those hold in my case.

> Another, trivial, way is to simply add some prefix or other
> formalized metadata into the commit messages, so it can be
> easily parsed+handled by some little script.

        Sounds like a kludge.


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