On Sat, Mar 27 2010, Enrico Weigelt wrote:

> Petr Baudis wrote:
>>> That is _NOT_ distro's business. If you want such things, do a clean
>>> fork - w/ all implications. This creates a new/different package, out
>>> of the original package's versioning line. (eg. ff vs. iceweasel).
>> There are two parts to this:
>> (a) It's totally unrealistic to do unless you absolutely have to (e.g.
>> due to trademark issues).
> Not really. I *have* my own forks of certain packages, because
> upstream doesnt want my specific features (yet). Oh, and I rebase
> (instead of merge) here, too.

        I hope you never publish those branches, then. For private
 branches, rebasing is just fine. My branches are not private.

>> (b) Even if, you just push the issue around! 
> Yes, I push it to those who are naturally responsible.
> The term "distro" comes from distribution, not feature development.
> These are two fundamentally different issues.

        If you think that distributions do not develop, innovate, or
 are full participants in the free software community, you definition of
 distrbution does not match mine.

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