Sam Vilain wrote:
>> Also, the Debian changelog is already nicely away from the upstream
>> one, isn't it? That said, I still believe we need to get rid of
>> having the Debian changelog stored as a file in VCS...
> The principle advantage of this approach is that the debian changelog
> could then be safely gathered from the supermodule commit log, which
> should be purely packaging changes and no application changes.  So the
> debian/changelog can then be safely generated from `git-log' et al.

Ok, for those interested, I have put up a supermodule of the git package
itself, applied the debian patches to the source tree within, updated to
the latest git release candidate and adapted the debian rules to build
within the "upstream" directory.  It's a proof of concept - it doesn't
do any of the git supermodule changelog -> debian changelog, nor is it
particularly sophisticated about the upstream changelog.

To try it out:

   git clone git://
   cd git.debian
   dpkg-buildpackage -rfakeroot -uc -b

If you had another supermodule, that had submodules for each package,
then you'd have something resembling Ports ... except, distributed and
tied into the source control of upstream too.

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