also sprach Matej Cepl <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> [2008.02.21.1357 +0100]:
> Take a look at the bottom of
> -- it has been last updated on 2006-07-23. That's ancient history
> in the fast flowing Fedora world. In the last year or so I have
> never ever heard anybody mention other DVCS than git. Aside from
> bzr coming from THEM :-), there is such overwhelming majority of
> git users over anybody else, that nothing else than git is just
> not an option for distributed VCS.

This has been linked from since
2005 or so and I even claim to have some credit as I took part in
some of the debates in the #fedora channel.

Anyway, we need to get more organised. I bought, so my
plans are to slap ikiwiki on it and get it live sometime soon,
unless anyone has a better idea.

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