I've just started using vdr 1.4.0 in Ubuntu and I have to say I'm
extremely impressed and very happy with it - very nice work,
well done to the author :)

I have a couple of things I'd like to suggest and wonder if they'd be
up for consideration.

When viewing a channel, pressing Up/Down currently changes channel;
would it be possible to allow these buttons to just show channel
information (with now/next in) for the previous/next channels,
allowing one to quickly view what is on the other channels? ie, I
could keep pressing Up to go through the channels, seeing what is on
now and next, but without actually changing channel - then press OK to
change the channel once I find one to watch.

I think it would also be nice if there were more than one
rewind/fastforward speed, achievable by repeated pressing of the
appropriate button; press ff once to ff at 2x speed, again for 4x
speed, again for 8x speed?

I'd like to have a go at adding these features myself but I've not
read much of the code yet. I'll see how much I can decipher in due
course, but maybe someone already did these, or they're planned.

I'm suffering a problem that I have no idea how to fix, however - I've
read the list archives and noted a few months ago that some posts were
made about oddly-coloured OSD when using softdevice and nvidia cards.
I believe this is the same problem that I currently see too; it only
seems to happen with low resolution broadcasts - when the resolution
drops below 640x480 or thereabouts, the OSD turns "pink" for me. On
any channel with a higher resolution than this it's ok.  I'm using an
NVidia 7600 connected to a TV using softdevice/xv. The NVidia natively
directs output to the TV since it's the only output device connected,
so X is running on it at 1024x768 without any other special
configuration.  Changing the softdevice/hue to either 0 or 100 as was
suggested in those previous posts did not fix the problem for me - I
was wondering if anyone else had any tips on what I might try to fix

thanks very much for any replies & advice,

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