Boguslaw Juza wrote:

There are some channels witch EPG ShortText is the same as Description
(and a few sentences long). So I'm suggesting little change in skinclassic.c (and probably in skinsttng.c too):

Doesn't the "EPG bugfix #7" already take care of this:

  // Some channels put the same information into ShortText and Description.
  // In that case we delete one of them:
  if (shortText && description && strcmp(shortText, description) == 0) {
     if (strlen(shortText) > MAX_USEFUL_EPISODE_LENGTH) {
        shortText = NULL;
     else {
        description = NULL;
     EpgBugFixStat(7, ChannelID());

Maybe you have disabled the "EPG bugfix level" setup option?


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