Since it has been several years now and I have never been able to solve the a/v
desync issues with my Nexus-S FF card when playing back recordings, I was
thinking about what could be done.  As of now, I have been using xine with my FF
card to fix the problem.  But, if I use xine, then even live tv is played back
over software.  The problem was never with live tv, only playing back
recordings.  What if the mplayer plugin was modified to replace the default vdr
playback for recordings.  It currently works as is, but it has problems with
split files (ie; 001.vdr, 002.vdr, etc.).  Also, it would be nice if there was
an option to replace the default playback in vdr for recordings (so we wouldnt
have to select the mplayer plugin first every time).  Just a suggestion, but
using mplayer over mpegpes would definitely be a better solution for fixing the
a/v desync instead of having to use xine for everything (since there never was a
problem with live tv).

Best Regards.

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