Udo Richter wrote:
> Tero Siironen wrote:
> > However, like Pasi Juppo told earlier in other thread, in last weeks episode
> > of Lost there was many fadeout-fadeins between scenes and a/v desync
> > happened on every one of these.
> I've 'heard of such problems' on ATV+ and Lost. Whenever there's a fade 
> into black, the data stream seems to get stuck, frames get delayed, and 
> as consequence A/V desyncs and playback gets jerky, with lots of audio 
> and video frame drops. This can be fixed by pausing and jumping a few 
> frames backwards.
> My theory is that since audio is typically 600ms ahead of video, maybe 
> the audio buffers run over. Strange thing is why this happens 
> reproducible on blackness. Maybe due to extremely low bit rate in this 
> situation, more frames get packed into one data block, causing data flow 
> to be disturbed beyond some limit. It cant be too high data rate, ATV+ 
> has just 2mbit avg, 4mbit max data rate.

Does it also occur with the latest test firmware?

If yes, please provide short sample clips.
Please verify that the clips are not damaged, i.e. they play fine with
mplayer or xine.


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