The way I understand it, the shows are sent as mpeg2, VDR decodes to raw
data and stores as xxx.vdr files? which then need a special player that
dosn't seem to work correctly to play these now much larger files which eat
up a lot more space. So why not store them as mpeg files? A more common
format which seems to have more options to play back and which work better?
What format do DVD's use? What do you gain by converting to xxx.vdr aside
from not needing to decode on playback? Which would be an advantage if the
system worked and it didn't requre more complexities to convert back to mpeg
for recording to a dvd. Also mpeg is a lossy compression, so data is lost
converting back and forth.

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> Juri Haberland wrote:
> > Klaus Schmidinger <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> >> C.Y.M wrote:
> >>> Since it has been several years now and I have never been able to
solve the a/v
> >>> desync issues with my Nexus-S FF card when playing back recordings...
> >> I'm replaying many recordings (actually most of what I watch
> >> are recordings ;-) and don't even remember when was the last
> >> time I had an A/V desync.
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