Torgeir Veimo wrote:
> On 22 Oct 2006, at 22:33, C.Y.M wrote:
>>> And just for completeness: No serious CPU load when playing back with
>>> VDR or mplayer.
>> Yes, if the extra CPU load by mplayer is not even noticeable when
>> playing back
>> VDR recordings, and it is not prone to any type or desync, then I vote
>> we all
>> try to figure out what mplayer is doing and repeat it. Whats a few
>> extra CPU
>> cycles if it becomes much much more stable in the end.
> The reason i mentioned the dvbplayer.c thread, is that this problem was
> mitigated by using different code to feed the softdevice mpeg2 decoder;
> using softplay to playback recordings provided dropout free playback.
> I'm not sure if softplay works with FF cards, but you might get the
> source at to give it a try.

I use xine with my FF card and it works flawlessly and fixes all my problems,
but since I never had trouble with the FF card when just watching live TV, I
thought it was such a waste of CPU to have to use software decoding for
everything. I only have problems when playing back recordings with the FF card.

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