Guy Roussin wrote:
> Tero Siironen <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote :
>> Here is a 3 minute clip from the episode of Lost I told earlier.
>> 80MB file and played ok at least with VLC v 0.8.5. and MPlayer on OS X
> if i make this, the file play fine (vdr ffcard) :
> mv 001.vdr _001.vdr
> mv index.vdr _index.vdr
> mplayer -vo mpegpes:001.vdr -ao mpegpes 001.vdr
> genindex
> But now the file 001.vdr is 100Mb !
> --

Am I doing something wrong? I dont seem to have any sound.. also if you move
001.vdr to _001.vdr, then the command below will not be able to find the file. 

Good info though! Thanks.

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