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Somehow, mplayer is able to detect the areas in the VDR recordings that need extra "padding" to keep the sync. There must be some kind of pattern in the data that the player recognizes and it knows it must insert a null frame. How
to go about finding how it works and creating an algorithm.

So you're certain that it's always picture frames being dropped, causing audio to be behind the video?

Since mplayer is open source , someone who is able to do changes on that should contact someone at mplayer/xine. I think Nico Sabbi is working on dvb area on mplayer side. Further i think mplayer is checking very closely sync issues. For most stations the video stream should fulfil the task of the PCR stream, but here people that really know what they are talking about should step in ;) Furthermore mplayer-dvb list might be applicable.


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