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Somehow, mplayer is able to detect the areas in the VDR recordings that need extra "padding" to keep the sync. There must be some kind of pattern in the data that the player recognizes and it knows it must insert a null frame. How
to go about finding how it works and creating an algorithm.

So you're certain that it's always picture frames being dropped, causing audio to be behind the video?

Despite of the lost frame, the playback seems to be in sync. On the other side, I havent heard any jumps in sound yet. This could only be possible when the timing of audio and video would be different and the software would try to keep video and audio in sync by dropping sometimes a single video frames. On the other side, if the same recording works when playing back video with the MP2 track, it looks like a buffering or packaging issue, as if in this case the DD packages would not fit into a certain time scale.

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