You make things sound promising again, thanks for the reply!  And of course
I agree with your points fully.  At any rate the issue still remains and has
once again seemed to be left unresolved.

A question for Oliver Endriss (if you read this)..  Can you confirm that the
firmware abides fully to specification?

Thanks guys.

Marco Skambraks wrote

On 11/30/06, Carsten Koch <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:

VDR User wrote:
> Logic still says that if mplayer can play vdr recordings just fine
> without losing sync, but vdr can't, the problem is with vdr, not the
> firmware.

That's only correct if you ignore specifications.
Maybe VDR is behaving according to the specified interface
and the firmware fails.
Maybe mplayer is working around firmware bugs by behaving
differently - which may or may not be according to the
specified interface.

What we can agree upon is the fact that the problem *can* be
solved within the application program.
IMHO, the fact that mplayer works where VDR does not
proves just that, but not more.

However, if VDR behaves 100% according to specification,
the problem *should* be solved in the driver and/or
firmware, because that would fix all programs that also
behave 100% according to specification and fail.

If fixing it where it should be fixed turns out to be
too difficult, it might still be a good idea to fix it
in VDR.


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