Udo Richter wrote:
Klaus Schmidinger wrote:
For VDR, the two if's in the inactivity shutdown should be swappable with no serious side effects, see attached diff. All the calls do noting important, except the cCutter::Active() call, and this one is called often enough in other situations. But even with this patch, an non-interactive idle VDR waiting for shutdown will call this very frequently.

I don't really think this will improve things very much.

It will at least stop calling Active() when VDR is running normally, and is far away from automatic shutdown.

Are you sure?
ACTIVITYTIMEOUT is 60 seconds, so wouldn't your change just
avoid the calls until 60 seconds after the last user activity?

What about making cPluginManager::Active() remember the last state of
plugin activity, and, if Prompt is NULL, only call the individual plugins'
Active() functions if, say, one minute has passed since the last check?

Sounds ok to me. One minute is close enough to avoid an idle machine running on, and not too often so a plugin can do more complex checks, for example call an external script to search for activity.

Ok, then I'll make it so.


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