Udo Richter wrote:

>> Further feature request:
>> At least on single card systems it would be nice to have VDR wakeup e.
>> g. at 03:01 to do just an EPG scan and shutdown afterwards.
> This opens up the discussion about whether VDR should handle external
> tasks together with timers. I think that VDR should only handle its own
> tasks.

I don't think that an EPG scan is an external task.

> A timed start could trivially be done by setting a daily timer. More
> elegant, the shutdown script could check whether the wakeup time is past
> 3:01 and simply set a different wakeup time. With some reminder it could
> also realize that the machine did wake up because of the 3:01 tweak, and
> give special instructions - like starting EPG scan and shutting down (or
> going inactive) after 10 minutes.

That's why I posted this feature request. Why is it necessary to have
such complex solutions twice -- inside VDR and outside VDR?

Ok for a start (and to test the new implementation), scheduling the
automated EPG scan could be implemented by a plugin. When the new
implementation asks the plugin concerning shutdown it will request 03:01
as next restart time.

This leads to the open question regarding manual start detection. As
there is no timer, VDR will run in manual mode when it is started at
03:01 and the user inactivity timeout must first pass before VDR will
start the EPG scan internally.

As you can see, an external solution is much more complex than adding a
simple additional restart request for 03:01 -- shure, this time
shouldn't be hard coded ;-)

Dipl.-Inform. (FH) Reinhard Nissl

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