Reinhard Nissl wrote:
Ok for a start (and to test the new implementation), scheduling the
automated EPG scan could be implemented by a plugin.

Plugins cannot modify the restart time currently, doing this as a plugin would require the complete shutdown mechanism to be re-implemented in the plugin. Doing it in runvdr and shutdown script would be easier.

However, it might be worth thinking about giving plugins the ability to set a different wakeup time, so that a scheduled EPG scan plugin can be written.

As you can see, an external solution is much more complex than adding a
simple additional restart request for 03:01 -- shure, this time
shouldn't be hard coded ;-)

Actually, whether this is internally or externally, the complexity stays the same. It would probably work mostly the same way: Tweak the wakeup time, detect this on wakeup, start the EPG scan, go offline.



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