Tero Siironen schrieb:
> On 30.1.2007 21:39, "Martin Wache" <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
>> Did you start the client like it is described in the ReadMe? From inside
>> of the McVdrClient.app folder? For some reason Quartz application needs
>> the context of this folder to run correctly. I don't know if there is a
>> workaround...
> Argh, my mistake. It is working now. But the problem now lies on remote
> setup. Every keypress is detected as same key and therefore remote cannot be
> setup. The window with McVdrClient shows different keycodes, but vdr doesn't
> detect it. Same thing if keyboard is tried, so something is wrong, but I
> cannot find out what it is.

This somehow sounds familiar... but I can't remember the circumstances.
But it should be simple to add a few printfs to narrow the problem down.
  The key events are recieved by KeyEventHandler() in video-quartz.c
(and there the printouts are written, note that only the first value is
actually used). quartzRemote->PutKey() is the one in McVdrClient.c, it
should write the keycode into the shared memory control block and signal
the softdevice.

Forget it - I think I know now whats wrong, there is a patch missing in
your vdr. See remote.c, if I remember correctly the format string is not
correctly interpreted by the printf. Here is my cRemote::Put() method:

bool cRemote::Put(uint64 Code, bool Repeat, bool Release)
  char buffer[32];
  snprintf(buffer, sizeof(buffer), "%0llX", Code);
  //snprintf(buffer, sizeof(buffer), "%016LX", Code);
  return Put(buffer, Repeat, Release);


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