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> Hmm, you can check with ipcs if the shared memory block has properly
> been created, has the correct Id (it should be the one in shm-common.h),
> and has the correct size. If you end the vdr, the block won't be
> deleted, so you may try to delete the shared memory block and let vdr
> create a new one. Did you make sure that you have a clean build (make
> clean doesn't delete all the files...)?

Ok, there obviously was some files left when compiling because now when I'm
trying to compile from clean environment I get:

Plugin softdevice:
g++ -O2 -g -Wall -fPIC -Woverloaded-virtual  -c -DHAVE_CONFIG -DPOWERPC
-DSHM_SUPPORT -I../../../include -I../../../../DVB/include -I/sw/include
-I/sw/include/ffmpeg   softdevice.c
/sw/include/ffmpeg/avformat.h:243: warning: 'AVFrac' is deprecated (declared
at /sw/include/ffmpeg/avformat.h:94)
ework/Headers/MachineExceptions.h:245: error: declaration does not declare
make[1]: *** [softdevice.o] Error 1

However, before I cleaned it I tried ipcs with some debug. Key was correct,
but for some reason shmget returned always -1. I hardcoded the correct value
to ctl_shmid (from softdevice's output while vdr was running) and got the
window show up with green picture, but softdevice didn't react to that.

I then installed same setup to my iBook G4 and managed to get picture and
sound but not able to control the window or vdr. Is this how it should be at
the moment?


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