Dieter Bloms wrote:

> Feb  9 12:02:00 video vdr: [30529] switching device 2 to channel 1
> Feb  9 12:02:09 video vdr: [30537] frontend 1 timed out while tuning to 
> channel 1, tp 111836
> Feb  9 12:02:32 video vdr: [30603] ERROR: video data stream broken
> so why can I get ts streams from the second dvb card and vdr doesn't get
> any bytes ?

As you can see from the above lines, tuning fails for device 2 (=
frontend 1) as VDR reports a timeout about 10 seconds after switching to
this channel. VDR retries tuning in that case, but further reports are
suppressed for the next 60 seconds so you don't see a second timeout report.

Finally, after 30 seconds, the recording thread issues an emergency exit
as it didn't see any data (=> video data stream broken) as the device
was not able to tune to the channel.

Is your DiSEqC setup correct (in case you are using DiSEqC)?

Dipl.-Inform. (FH) Reinhard Nissl

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