On Thu, Feb 15, Dieter Bloms wrote:

> no diseqc setup works stabel for me :(
> Also the Full DiSEqC sequence from default diseqc.conf doesn't work
> a few hours after reboot and sometime it doesn't work directly after
> reboot.
> But I can switch the channel with szap and get the TS stream from
> /dev/dvb/adapter1/dvr0 every time, even vdr can't record I only stop vdr
> and do not a reload of the driver.
> I did some tests with szap:
> o I can only get the TS stream with the default lnb type or -l UNIVERSAL
> o if I use another lnb type like ENHANCED, I can switch, but don't get
>   any data.
> o The ioctls are the same if I use diseqc with vdr, but as I said
>   before, I didn't get any data a few hours after reboot of the system,
>   and sometime I didn't get any data directly after reboot.
> o If I use szap, I can switch the channels and get the ts stream every
>   time (via cat /dev/dvb/adapter1/dvr0 > /tmp/bla).
> o the first status is 01 and it has no lock all others are 1f and it has
>   a lock (as seen below).
> o when I call szap the second time (with the same channel) the first
>   status is 01 and then 1f, too.
> o maybe vdr does have to wait a longer time ?

I can reproduce following:

vdr can record from senders on V polarisation like sat1, prosieben ...
even without reloading the driver.
vdr can not record from any sender on H polarisation like ard, zdf ...
even with reloading the driver it doesn't work.
This explains, that I got some recording and some not.

Does anybody know what can be the different between H and V polarisation ?



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