OK, so Karsta and I are suffering dropped TS packets. I know for sure that
my DVB-T signal is not perfect so it is likely to occasionally lose some TS
packets (freeview in the UK is susceptible to all sorts of interference from
cars, motorbikes, DECT, etc) however, saying there is nothing that we can do
about this because you don't have a *perfect* DVB signal surely isn't the
right answer! My TV copes perfectly well with dropped packets and doesn't go
out of sync, as does my freeview box. Surely if some TS packets are dropped
this shouldn't result in a loss of sync, the system should resync the audio
and continue as before?? It can't be right to say, well we lost some data,
so we can't recover until you change channels up and down, or
fastforward/rewind by 1 minute!

I have spent the last 2 weeks trying different combinations, playing with my
kernel settings, trying USB DVB-T devices rather than the PCI and it makes
absolutely no difference. The TS continuity errors do not go away so I am
convinced it is simply that DVB-T is not as robust as other signals such as
DVB-S or DVB-C. However, VDR should be able to cope and resync with lost


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