Many thanks for your continued support and assistance. I will test your
patch when I return home.

A week or two ago I tried to isolate a recording that was going out of sync,
so that I could send it to Oliver. The problem I found is that it didn't do
it all the time!
If I spotted a recording that had gone out of sync and then rewound a bit to
see where the sync problem started, the problem was corrected. I tried this
a few times
and couldn't isolate a single start and end point that I could cut to send.
Of course, I cannot do this on live TV..

What I do not understand and perhaps you could help me with, is that you say
that there is a problem with the firmware, yet there are entries in the log
from VDR
saying that it is dropping x bytes to sync on the next audio frame... This
suggests to me that VDR is doing *something* with respect to audio
synchronisation. Why then is the problem always reported as being an issue
with the firmware?

Kind Regards,

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