On Wed, 21 Feb 2007 22:58:57 +0200
Pasi Juppo <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:

> Strange that it works fine on the server and both have the same setup of
> codecs. Have to check further.

It could also be that the clip has AC3 or DTS audio, and MPlayer is
configured to handle them in a different way (passthrough). Can't think
of any other reason for the problem.

> >> Also, there seems to be DVD support in trunk version of the mplayer. Any
> >> idea whether mplayer plugin will support DVD in the near future?
> > 
> > Have you tried the current support in mplayer.sh?
> No, I was under impression that DVD menu navigation is not supported.
> Have to recheck this too then.

Well, there's no navigation support, but personally I prefer the MPlayer way :)
Don't know how it works with the MPlayer plugin though, that's why I asked.


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