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That's a bit difficult, since "our" vdr has no exact mainline equivalent.
It may contain parts from different vdr versions. But as I've heard, it
should work also on a full featured card without any modifications. Maybe
you need to tweak the makefile... The remuxer itself should be API
compatible, so exchanging the file and using tools.c/h from the svn should
also work.

I can confirm that this repacker code does integrate seamlessly into the
latest 1.4 version of VDR, I replaced remux.c and remux.h as well as tools.cand
tools.h from Georg's SVN tree and recompiled.

I've done some quick tests on radio channels in transfer mode and all seems
to work okay. My AC3 channels are provided directly from my FF card so might
not be subjected to the repacker but they also work fine in both live mode
and recordings.

I'll see if my sync problems in transfer mode improve with this new
implementation and report back. Georg / Reinhard if you would like me to do
any additional testing or debugging let me know.

Kind Regards,

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