Thanks for your reply.

On Sat, 12 May 2007, Stefan Lucke wrote:

That's only 16bit per pixel. Please try 32bpp.
Done, same result

Can you try to change the OSD drawing mode in setup.conf ?
softdevice.OSDalphablend = 1

I tried, no success.

Three more things:
1. I do not have any softdevice. starting line in my setup.conf (The one with OSDalphablend I added manually.)
2. I tried to start softdevice with -vo dummy:
and I have the same output
[softdevice] A/V devices initialized, now initializing MPEG2 Decoder
Segmentation fault
3. When I start with -vo xv: I can see a black X window appearing for a fraction of a second.

Now I'm also stuck with connecting my Mobo (asus M2NPV-VM) via DVI->HDMI to my TV set, but that's a different story. On RGB it works fine on 1360x768.

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