JJussi wrote:

I have very simple and still hard question..

At vdr pluging setup - xineliboutput - Video.
Post processing (ffmpeg) and Deinterlaceing.
What ARE best values (to select) when you have HD LCD (via DVI) as TV and enough CPU power (Intel Core 2 Duo) to use.

I think that I'm not only one who thinks that there is too many choices.. ;-)

There is a simple answer: the one that pleases your eyes the most...

AFAIK ffmpeg post processing is for mpeg4 only. What comes to deinterlacing, I'd suggest to use tvtime with any greedy algorithm or TomsMoComp, disable cheap mode and use full framerate. My experience is that TomsMoComp or Greedy2Frame are needed for sports whereas other types of programs are not that demanding. Unfortunately none of the deinterlacing methods is perfect and they all produce some jagginess, especially with football in 16:9 aspect.


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