On Thursday, 17. Mayta 2007 13:21, Petri Helin wrote:

> Just a few days ago you asked about xineliboutput... why would you want
> to use mplayer plugin with xineliboutput?

Yes, vdr-sxfe (xineliboutput) is my frontend what shows content of my htpc.. 
TV programs and video/music files.

There IS (in menu) "Media Player - Play File" but 
1. it shows only few files (.mpg,.avi) and cannot configure to see other 
2. when try to play HD content (720p) avi, sometimes it crash..

SO, then there is mplayer what plays what ever (almost) what I give it... BUT 
if that vdr-mplayer plug-in don't work, then I have to close my vdr-sxfe and 
start mplayer (or kmplayer)..  OK, I can do it.. But rest of this household 
don't..  So It would be easier that you can choose from menu what you want to 

That's why!

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