On Friday, 18. Mayta 2007 21:51, Petri Helin wrote:
> JJussi wrote:
>   > LOG SECTION [messages]
> >
> >  '19:44:24: xine: found demuxer plugin: Elementary MPEG stream demux
> > plugin' '19:44:24: xine: found input plugin  : file input plugin'
> >  '19:44:24: xine: couldn't find demux for >4D.rec<'
> >  '19:44:23: xine: found input plugin  : file input plugin'
> Well, it does look like that xine cannot play back Topfield recordings
> without defining the demuxer explicitly. This can be done either by
> adding string "#demux:mpeg-ts" to the filename or by changing the
> extension of the file from ".rec" to ".ts". Could you try the latter
> approach with xineliboutput's media player?

That works!  Now I can play those file with media plalyer..  Because I cannot 
"say" that "pretend .rec as .ts" I said next in directories:

perl -e 'for(<*.rec>){s/\(/\\(/g; s/\)/\\)/g; s/\ /\\ /g; $a = $_; 
s/\.rec/\.ts/; s/\(/\ /g; s/\)/\ /g;`mv $a $_`}'

I have to converto those ( and ) to spaces...


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