Carsten Koch schrieb:

Torgeir Veimo wrote:
A full features card still uses much less CPU however, and can
automatically reclock the output based on the timing of the input DVB
stream. If you're not replacing any other component at this time I'd
stick with FF cards,


No, I guess I would like to keep the hardware that survived as it is,
so perhaps it would be best to replace my broken FF cards 1:1 by
TT-premium S-2300s and my broken budget cards 1:1 by TT-budget S2-3200.

Does anyone have actual experience with a TT-premium S-2300
and or a TT-budget S2-3200?
Do both run smoothly now?

I have a S-2300 Premium card which is actually a 2.3 TT Premium, which has not much difference to the other FFs . AFAIR even some flaws like the to small LNBP have been removed on this card.

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